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new movies!

2009-07-19 21:23:30 by High-off-cheese

made on a boring day when i had no internet and no wacom:


2008-12-29 23:28:18 by High-off-cheese

After 2 months of on and off work, I finally finished my movie I promised for my friend. I said I'd get it to him on Christmas day, but hey, procrastination makes perfect right? Anyways, go watch it. You will not understand it, but I don't expect you too :D

Stupid People

2008-10-28 15:50:34 by High-off-cheese

Stupid people let kids do stupid things. Down at the local shooting range, there was a machine gun shoot going on. The people there let an 8 year old, thats right, 8 year old shoot an Uzi, and the kick of the gun made the kid shoot himself in the head. I just can't believe that people would let a kid this young use such a powerful weapon. What do you think?

Barney Vs. Teletubbies

2008-10-07 17:53:33 by High-off-cheese

watch it!

I made a deviant art

2008-09-13 22:52:47 by High-off-cheese

go look at it

New Screen Name!

2008-09-11 17:27:47 by High-off-cheese

its: Codly Grail

Guess What!

2008-06-02 17:26:25 by High-off-cheese

My rofl train goes WOOOT WOOT!!!!1!!1

New Movie

2008-03-13 20:31:37 by High-off-cheese



2008-02-26 20:55:59 by High-off-cheese

yes I'm finally level 15!!!

New computer!!!

2008-01-23 20:58:13 by High-off-cheese

FINALLY! After saving up $1500 I have my new Imac

250 gigs of memory

2 gigs of ram

20 inch screen

its a beast!!!!!

New computer!!!